Friday, 8 January 2010

The best luxury eye-creams | MumsRock

The best luxury eye-creams | MumsRock

For all you foodies!

Mmmmmm I'm eating the most satisfying melt ever!I might warn you that this is Not good if you are slimming lol.

Tuna, Onion & Cheese Melt.

Mix the tuna with finely chopped onion and a big dollop of mayo, Salad cream (or both)
Toast your bread.
Pile the tuna mix on the toast,
Then pile the cheese on top.
Stick it in the grill until the cheese is melted and browning.
Take it out when its done and add salt and pepper DONE !!!

You will regret it and it is very filling ( I can only manage 1 slice of tuna melt toast) but we all have a different appetite xxx

Hope you love it!

Much love Leanne x

Glitter Girls

My angels!

I love them too much, I think sometimes I might smother them??? Isn't it funny that the word smother is basically the word mother with an (s) at the beginning! It must just be a thing us mums do because we cant bare the thought of anything happening to the special little babies we brought into the world.

It is yet another day in snowy Norfolk and the girls are all at home again, Darrin is off too as hes really hurt his neck. I cant relax because the drunk next door smashed her door in the other day and there is someone banging about trying to get it fixed!!!

Since Christmas the house has been covered in glitter (fairy dust) and as you can imagine so are the girls lol. I got it for them so I'm my own worst enemy, but they love it so who am I to complain? Me of course! They must have gotten up this morning and used the whole lot over their heads ha ha funny to look at I must admit. The thing is I was asleep so I couldn't do anything about it.

You know the roundabout I was talking about? Yes you guessed I'm still on it. Today I have more washing to do and I need to clean the bathroom (GREAT)! I cant wait for the weekend! I don't know why as we probably wont do anything, but it's the weekend and as I'm doing my shopping online today I will have that to look forward to.

Be careful in the snow!

Much love Leanne x
P.S. I have decided to leave a few little helpful but fun tips to the left of my blog titled An easier life! If you find them helpful let me know via comments. They are just little things my Mum and Dad used to do with my Brother, Sister and I when we were little and also a few things I have picked up along the way. Enjoy! x

Thursday, 7 January 2010

A Picture of my 3 little girls x

S'no point in going out !

Bloody weather stinks! I don't even feel like going out to play in the snow (how bad is that?)

Izabell stayed off school today so we are all having a lazy day. Darrin went to work but but is back now because he fell over ooops ! He did hurt himself and now hes sitting upstairs on the x box. So I figure if everyone is at home relaxing why cant I???

Ill tell you shall I?

First of all there are three little girls running around destroying the house, there is still washing to do, and if I don't do it who will? Poo, what did I say? Yep it will all be the same tomorrow.

I have to admit though since I started writing this blog (about an hour ago) the girls have been drawing in the living room like good little girls. Of coarse they are colouring in these activity books that they got for Christmas and need help with, so the whole time I have been asked to help them when they need it (hence why it is taking me sooooo long to get this done).

What is the point in going out in this weather anyway? You only get cold and wet and that just means a whole other load of washing to do :( I might add this is something I hate doing! My Mum, Sister and my good friend Amy all seem to love it and all I can ask myself is why? Their washing is always done, what is all that about?

I keep looking out of the front door and the snow looks very pretty but sod stepping foot out there today.

Much love Leanne x

P.S. I think im well overdue a cuppa!

Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Bedtimes & Bathrooms

OMG!!! I have to say with three little girls you really do need eyes in the back of your head and a broomstick stuck up your beeeeeeeep! The girls are in bed now phew and I'm sitting here trying to relax.

In my house there is a never ending battle with keeping the girls out of the bathroom, my husband blames me for things going wrong because i don't keep a closer eye on them, but there is only so much i can do......(isn't there)?

Anyway yesterday my youngest went to the toilet and was really good about it (she was going to do a number 2) so i said,
" when you are finished call me and i will come and clean you up"
so as I'm getting on with putting away the endless piles of washing i heard the loudest bang, crash & wallop. Well that was it my hart was in my mouth i ran to her and there she is under the wicker chest of drawers!! Arrrrrggggghhhh ! i helped her up and she has only gone and destroyed my plant that was given to me when Izabell was born ( i have to say I'm not happy in fact quite the opposite) :(

Well the way i feel about my girls at the moment i just want to thank whoever it is I'm supposed to thank for BEDTIME !!!

Much love Leanne x

Freezing !!!

Today is bloody freezing,

No way to warm up well..... besides having a lovely warm bath, but no can do as i have my two youngest babies here with me Lili and Xanthie. Izabell is at school today and there is no nursery today for Lili.

They are both playing lovely today i have to admit, I'm sure that will change when Izabell gets home it will be a different story! Take one from the group and they are angels (well almost) He he.

I just had a beautiful phone call from my Dad, His first words were
"I just wanted to say you have the most beautiful children I have ever seen"
I must say though i didn't think my brothers, sisters and I turned out too bad as far as good looking children go ha ha !!!!

I have housework to do again!!!! Arggggh it seems as though my life revolves around housework children and washing ( oh that reminds me i need to do that too)!! See what i mean ...... a never ending roundabout and I'm sure it all be the same tomorrow :(

I think im getting used to this blogging thing YAY!!!!

Much love Leanne x

Let me introduce myself.


My name is Leanne and as you can guess I'm a mum of three beautiful little girls. I have no clue as to why i wanted to write a blog???? Who says my life is going to be of interest to anyone out there in the big wide world? I need a sense of achievement as you will see from my blogs because as my life runs at the moment it just seems monotonous.

I'm 27 years old and feel like someones mum and not my own person. I guess i would like to be related to or i would like for someone to say "Thank you, you have made me realise I'm not the only one out there that feels this way after having children".

I really hope that if there is anyone reading my blog they will like it and carry on reading until i feel i have accomplished what i set out to do.

Much love Leanne x