Friday, 10 February 2012

Time x

Why dose time go so quickly ??? Rush rush rush all the time and I never know where to start :( I'm late for everything!!!

I got up this morning at half six and the girls were late for school! Can you believe it ? There they are faffing around with no care in the world even when I tell them they are going to be late, then on the way to school they are sliding on the ice falling all Over the place and all I want to do is scream "WERE LATE"!!! It is funny when you see other people in the same situation and then you don't feel so bad and that your the only one rushing round like a blue arsed fly (chuckle).

"God give me strength" doesn't really cut it for me it's more like, give me strength, energy, peace, time, paracetamol and a very large Bacardi and coke at the end of every day ;)

I think a cup of tea will have to suffice for now! I do feel like I'm losing my mind right now but all I need to do is either win the lotto (or just work very hard) so that I can just pay someone to organise my life for me!!!

Rant over cuppa on the boil!! What do you think? Are you in the same boat as me ??? Let me know your views.

Much love Leanne xxx