Thursday, 31 March 2011

Worms !

So…… I think someone asked me to write about worms in children?

All I really know is what I know from my own experience and that’s not really a lot, and it was only just recent.

I woke up a few weeks ago like usual and started my day. My girls are renowned for not flushing the toilet, I have no clue why? Every time I know they have been to the toilet I get them to flush before they walk out of the bathroom. This one particular Friday though I was glad that one of the girls hadn’t flushed a ( Pappa booba ) because I took the opportunity to have a scout ( the joys of motherhood!)

When I saw a white thread like thing in the ( Pappa booba ) I just though errruuugh !!!!!!! I surfed the web about this particular subject and found out that my girls are not the only children to get worms in fact quite the opposite! I went to the chemist (really helpful) and talked to him about what I should do, he just said to take the medication to get rid of them all but to treat the whole family! You take one chewable (easy for children to take) tablet wait two weeks and then take the second tablet just to be sure you got them all.

I called my mum and asked her to have the girls for the weekend so that (on the advice of the chemist) I could get my house cleaned and disinfected. I cleaned all skirting, walls, surfaces, beds and linen and floors, maybe took it to the extreme but what the hell, if I don’t have the girls knocking about I might as well take full advantage and get it all done.

Any way im not a GP so if you want to know more I suppose you should go to them or go to your chemist like I did. Also read the link I have posted to this post.

Please let me know what you think!

Much Love Leanne xxx