Thursday, 14 January 2010

So I have been busy!!!

My Girls re starting to settle!

Thank goodness Christmas is over! It has taken until now to settle the girls after such an event full few weeks, Yes they have fun and the get spoiled but for one day who needs the stress? I'm finally getting things around the house done and the girls seem to have forgotten all about it now.

I wish my garden wasn't such a mess, the fence came down with all the bad weather we have had which means the girls can't go out to play. It is far to dangerous without the added worry of there being no fence to protect them from the outside world, poor little things must be bored out of their minds.

Thank God for kids programmes.

I'm looking into going back to college OMG!!! I am going to do hairdressing, something I should have done a long time ago! I am really looking forward to it but I am also bricking it.

By the way I still cant get the washing done! It is so annoying that I hate it that much that I can't bring myself to put in another load just yet lol. I will do it but not just yet ha ha.

Much love Leanne x

Sunday, 10 January 2010

Cabin Fever!

Arrrgh! Get me out of this hole!!!

Al tho I walked in to town yesterday, the girls played in the snow for a while and I went sledding with my friends I can't help but feel couped up.

The heating is up full blast and just feel plain lethargic. My beautiful little girls don't seem to know the meaning of keep things tidy, use one toy then put it away before you get another toy out and generally tidy up the mess you make everyday!
Why do I have to ask them a million times to do something before they do it (with my help)? If I say to them "tidy up please and I will give you a surprise", they say we don't want a surprise. Why don't they want a chocolaty, marshmallow and sticky surprise? Is there something wrong with them?

Darrin went to his brothers on Friday afternoon until Saturday night and everything was done, tidy, girls were good and everything generally ran very smooth. Darrin is home now and the girls run riot and I just cant be bothered to do anything.

I spoke to my beautiful Grandma today (1st time since Christmas) and I miss her terribly! I miss all of my girls:( My Sister my Auntie My Grandma and my Best friend Rebecca. I miss my Mummy too but shes in the states and I haven't got a clue when I'll next see her so there is nothing I can do about that, but I do wish I lived in the same town as them all so they or I could just pop round for a cuppa have a good old chin wag and support each other when we all need it! Chance would be a fine thing .

I'm going to my friend Amys for a cuppa now, have a good old chin wag with her for a while x

Much love Leanne x