Friday, 8 January 2010

Glitter Girls

My angels!

I love them too much, I think sometimes I might smother them??? Isn't it funny that the word smother is basically the word mother with an (s) at the beginning! It must just be a thing us mums do because we cant bare the thought of anything happening to the special little babies we brought into the world.

It is yet another day in snowy Norfolk and the girls are all at home again, Darrin is off too as hes really hurt his neck. I cant relax because the drunk next door smashed her door in the other day and there is someone banging about trying to get it fixed!!!

Since Christmas the house has been covered in glitter (fairy dust) and as you can imagine so are the girls lol. I got it for them so I'm my own worst enemy, but they love it so who am I to complain? Me of course! They must have gotten up this morning and used the whole lot over their heads ha ha funny to look at I must admit. The thing is I was asleep so I couldn't do anything about it.

You know the roundabout I was talking about? Yes you guessed I'm still on it. Today I have more washing to do and I need to clean the bathroom (GREAT)! I cant wait for the weekend! I don't know why as we probably wont do anything, but it's the weekend and as I'm doing my shopping online today I will have that to look forward to.

Be careful in the snow!

Much love Leanne x
P.S. I have decided to leave a few little helpful but fun tips to the left of my blog titled An easier life! If you find them helpful let me know via comments. They are just little things my Mum and Dad used to do with my Brother, Sister and I when we were little and also a few things I have picked up along the way. Enjoy! x

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