Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Bedtimes & Bathrooms

OMG!!! I have to say with three little girls you really do need eyes in the back of your head and a broomstick stuck up your beeeeeeeep! The girls are in bed now phew and I'm sitting here trying to relax.

In my house there is a never ending battle with keeping the girls out of the bathroom, my husband blames me for things going wrong because i don't keep a closer eye on them, but there is only so much i can do......(isn't there)?

Anyway yesterday my youngest went to the toilet and was really good about it (she was going to do a number 2) so i said,
" when you are finished call me and i will come and clean you up"
so as I'm getting on with putting away the endless piles of washing i heard the loudest bang, crash & wallop. Well that was it my hart was in my mouth i ran to her and there she is under the wicker chest of drawers!! Arrrrrggggghhhh ! i helped her up and she has only gone and destroyed my plant that was given to me when Izabell was born ( i have to say I'm not happy in fact quite the opposite) :(

Well the way i feel about my girls at the moment i just want to thank whoever it is I'm supposed to thank for BEDTIME !!!

Much love Leanne x

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