Thursday, 7 January 2010

S'no point in going out !

Bloody weather stinks! I don't even feel like going out to play in the snow (how bad is that?)

Izabell stayed off school today so we are all having a lazy day. Darrin went to work but but is back now because he fell over ooops ! He did hurt himself and now hes sitting upstairs on the x box. So I figure if everyone is at home relaxing why cant I???

Ill tell you shall I?

First of all there are three little girls running around destroying the house, there is still washing to do, and if I don't do it who will? Poo, what did I say? Yep it will all be the same tomorrow.

I have to admit though since I started writing this blog (about an hour ago) the girls have been drawing in the living room like good little girls. Of coarse they are colouring in these activity books that they got for Christmas and need help with, so the whole time I have been asked to help them when they need it (hence why it is taking me sooooo long to get this done).

What is the point in going out in this weather anyway? You only get cold and wet and that just means a whole other load of washing to do :( I might add this is something I hate doing! My Mum, Sister and my good friend Amy all seem to love it and all I can ask myself is why? Their washing is always done, what is all that about?

I keep looking out of the front door and the snow looks very pretty but sod stepping foot out there today.

Much love Leanne x

P.S. I think im well overdue a cuppa!


  1. Definitely, go and make yourself a cuppa and put ya feet up! It's always the case that the kids want us when we're just in the middle of doing something, like having or wee or something.

    CJ xx

  2. Cuppa sounds great. I'm going to do the same while I have a scoot around some blogs.

  3. I should add I'm at work - otherwise I'd never time for that!


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