Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Freezing !!!

Today is bloody freezing,

No way to warm up well..... besides having a lovely warm bath, but no can do as i have my two youngest babies here with me Lili and Xanthie. Izabell is at school today and there is no nursery today for Lili.

They are both playing lovely today i have to admit, I'm sure that will change when Izabell gets home it will be a different story! Take one from the group and they are angels (well almost) He he.

I just had a beautiful phone call from my Dad, His first words were
"I just wanted to say you have the most beautiful children I have ever seen"
I must say though i didn't think my brothers, sisters and I turned out too bad as far as good looking children go ha ha !!!!

I have housework to do again!!!! Arggggh it seems as though my life revolves around housework children and washing ( oh that reminds me i need to do that too)!! See what i mean ...... a never ending roundabout and I'm sure it all be the same tomorrow :(

I think im getting used to this blogging thing YAY!!!!

Much love Leanne x

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  1. Hey.. Good luck with this new hobby of yours..


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