Tuesday, 15 March 2011

One Whole Year !

I was talking to my Daddy the other day and he mentioned to me about my blogg, so it got me thinking I need to get my butt back on the case! So here I am , its been a whole year and I just cant believe its been that long!

This year I have discovered my cake making ability's, my Mummy and Brother moved back to England! My second daughter started (BIG SCHOOL), my youngest started nursery and my eldest lost her two front teeth (at the bottom) yay!

I'm sitting in my living room at the moment wondering who the hell is going to want to read about my little life? I mean afterall im no different to any other mummy out there...... or am I? I dont know (shrugs).
At the moment I have 9 Followers and one is my Dad and one is my Mum lol I have no clue how to get my blogg out there for people to read? What I really want to do is touch on some subjects that affect me as a mum and/or my girls, things that make my life run easier and things that might affect my children at home or "in the playground" with a little bit of whats going on in our lives chucked in for good measure.

Im going to think of a few subjects, work on them over the next few weeks and then post them. I'm hoping that I get feed back on how to get my blogg out there and gain more and more followers so any input from my followers would be greatly appreciated (dont pull me up on my spelling though its a working progress hehehe).

Hope I havn't bored you to tears and your still awake :0) I am signing off now be back soon......

Much love Leanne x

Oh!!!! P.S. I have an updated pic of my girls that I will post in just a moment xxx


  1. Now you have 12 followers! Everything you're doing is right, BMB is great for support and to get readers interested in your blog. The key is to keep it fresh. It doesn't have to be a specific event that you blog about, even the mundane things can be interesting if you add lovely photos. I personally quite like blogs which have lots photos, which for someone like me who doesn't always know how to word things best, can work well. They sometimes even describe a situation more than lots of words. Look forward to reading more.

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  3. I am your 13th follower (and thankfully am not superstitious!) so you have no excuse now. Have visited you from the Facebook group on BMB and look forward to reading about your mummy (and other) experiences :D xXx

  4. Thnk you for your comments and its really good to know where you followed from glad you like xx

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